Validation of Analytical Methodologies

It is a product designed to provide methodological and statistical certainty to the information technology products or services implemented within your company.

The diagnosis is made on evidence collected through coordinated visits, interviews with the people in charge of the processes and in-depth analysis of the databases and infrastructure (if necessary).

The result of the product is a 360° diagnostic report that includes; from the initial definition of the validation process to the results and the pertinent observations and recommendations.


Aleph Consulting & Data Science

Advice throughout the validation process from definition to delivery of results.

Aleph Consulting & Data Science

The validations are carried out based on the best practices of the different industries and the life cycles of the products (if applicable)

Aleph Consulting & Data Science

Certainty for you and your clients that the results obtained from the processes and/or methodologies are statistically correct.


Aleph Consulting & Data Science

Clarity and objectivity towards your clients.

Aleph Consulting & Data Science

Improve processes and procedures.

Aleph Consulting & Data Science

Clearly measure the KPI's that your company seeks to obtain.

Aleph Consulting & Data Science

Validations and recommendations made by experts in the field.

Aleph Consulting & Data Science

Strengthening and continuous improvement of methodologies, products or services.


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